About Us

About Us

Welcome to Coastal Physical Therapy

about_imgWe will work with you to relieve pain, improve mobility, restore impaired functions and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Our highly experienced staff includes a doctor of physical therapy, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and licensed massage therapists who all share a common goal – to help you get better. Upon referral from your doctor, our experienced therapists will develop an individualized program of care tailored to your needs and abilities.

Treatment personalized to your needs

Your physical therapy will always begin with a thorough evaluation by an experienced and licensed physical therapist. This allows for the therapist to make the most skilled assessment and develop an effective treatment plan, designed to produce the best possible outcome for you.

We offer a variety of therapeutic techniques, approaches and equipment in customizing each patient’s treatment regimen. Your therapist will closely monitor your exercises and therapies and may prescribe a home exercise program to reinforce your treatment. In addition, we will show you techniques to prevent recurring injury and to maintain your renewed mobility.

At Coastal Physical Therapy, we look forward to helping be a part of your ongoing physical recovery and seeing you make progress. Our team of professionals is personally committed to helping you get better. Come see us today and discover the difference at Coastal Physical Therapy.

Want to Learn More About Our Physical Therapy?

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